Thursday, April 04, 2019

Congratulations Graduates! Class of 2019 #TeamBorneaKids

Congratulations Graduates! FMGES Class of 2019 

This is a familiar ground... I used to play here and run all day. Well, not all day pala... when waiting for the Flag Ceremony to start lang. But then I remembered, I scratched my knee so bad that made me stop playing ever since. I always walk slowly whenever I was on this part of the school ground. Grabe din kasi ang sakit na idinulot nito noon.

Congratulations Graduates! FMGES Class of 2019 

Simple things, big or small may matutunan ka talaga from teachers, friends and life happenings while in school. Since that epic "dapa" moment which is, by the way, happened in front of my crush, nag-mature enough na ata ako and decided to not play anymore. haha

Congratulations Graduates! FMGES Class of 2019 

I was again here at my Alma Mater to attend my Son's Graduation. The Program was about to end and I'm already looking forward to eat somewhere because I'm already hungry when I heard the FMGES song... Shocks, kinilabutan ako. Then I came to realized 20 years ago (1999) ako ang grumaduate dito accompanied by my Mudrabells and Pappi. Then memories rushed in.

But this post is not just about me and way back memories... Read on and see more... 😁

This is also a momentous event for our first born Charles, and for our family as well. This 2019, it's Charles turn to to march and graduate on the very same school I was in 20 years ago. The previous years were very challenging. But super thankful to the great people who helped us along the way. You know who you all are. And I am forever grateful.

🎓 Congratulations Kuya Charles Bornea! 😘

DaddyO and MommyA is soooo Proud of you Kuya Charles!
Snaps from his Graduation Day. 

With Class Adviser Ms. Ninia Brito

Classmates at VI-Nobel  | Batch 2019
Classmates at VI-Nobel | Batch 2019
Sayang lang Pappi wasn't around anymore but I'm sure he is so proud of you kuya, like we all are!!! And this post may be started with my kwento about my skinned knee, but that "epic dapa" moment also thought me to stand up when you fall, be brave enough to face the world and learned from your mistake, be careful next time and keep moving forward. 

To All The Graduates of Class 2019, Congratulations!!!


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  1. Congrats po kuya Charles. Goodluck sa next step ng study. Congrats din po sainyo momshie :)


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