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SM Skating Athletes representing Philippines Bags Gold, Silver and Bronze in the SEA Games 2017

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SM Skating's ice hockey team brings home the very first gold medal for the sport in the Southeast Asia Games,. Adding to the roster of wins for the country in the men's division of figure skating's is Michael Martinez's silver placer while Alisson Perticheto takes home a bronze medal for the women's division of figure skating.

August 31 saw a celebration for a relatively young ice hockey team and two seasoned figure skaters who proudly displayed the Philippines' colors across the Malaysia's skating rink in the just concluded 29th Southeast Asian Games.

The Philippine National Ice Hockey Team took home the inaugural gold, becoming the first team to win in the newly-introduced winter sport in the SEA Games. Adding to the successful campaign of Filipino ice athletes in the SEA Games were 2014 Winter Olympian Michael Christian Martinez who took home the silver medal in the men's individual figure skating event.

SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.'s President, Mr. Edgar Tejerero
As the sole catalyst of ice sports in the Philippines, SM Skating proudly welcomed the athletes in a celebration held at the skating rink in SM Megamall. With the skaters lifting up their medals in pure joy and gratification for the pride they brought to the country, the athletes were congratulated by the SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.'s president, Mr. Edgar Tejerero, for a job well done.

The ice hockey team started off in 2008 as a community of pure hockey enthusiasts at the rinks of SM Skating. They soon began to participate in regional open tournaments and gained the recognition of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Michael Martinez, on the other hand, has been skating in the MOA rink since he was seven years old. Under the patronage of SM Prime Holding Inc\s Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Hans Sy, they began to train more intensely at their official training ground, the SM Skating rink.

SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. is the only company in the country to carry Olympic-size ice skating rinks, SM Skating continuously supports the national ice athletes and is proud to be part of their journey towards global success. 

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World Citi Med Newest Maternity Wing

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World Citi Med invited me and fellow Mommy Bloggers for the grand opening of their nature-inspired Maternity Wing. The Grand Event started with a Free Mother-Class for Pregnant moms as their OB-GYNEs and pediatricians talked about prenatal and postnatal care, breast feeding, family planning and nutritional immunology in line with World Citi Med’s #CelebratingMOMents vibe.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Blessing of the Maternity Wing
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Blessing of The Maternity Wing: Guest of Honor-Dr. Rustico A. Jimenez (President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated); Dr. Lorcelli Parado (Chairman, OB-GYNE Department, World Citi Med); Ms. Avelyn Garcia (President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleash International Corporation); Madame Arlyn Grace V. Guico (President and CEO, World Citi Med); Dr. Margarita Santella-Jara (Medical Director, World Citi Med); Mr. Jay Eusebio (Vice-President for Sales and Marketing of UNTV); and, Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico (Officer-in-Charge and CEO, World Citi Med). Also present in the ribbon-cutting were Dr. Meadina Cruz (Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, World Citi Med); board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated; Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro (PVED Corporate Director, World Citi Med); and Pr. Alex Tinsay who led the dedication of the Maternity Wing. 

World Citi Med Executives and Guests

Maternity Wing Blessing
Celebrating with World Citi Med were Guest of Honor/Dr. Rustico A. Jimenez, President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated; Chairman of the OB-GYNE Department, Dr. Ma. Lorcelli Parado; Ms. Avelyn Garcia, President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleash International Corporation; World Citi Med President Arlyn Grace V. Guico; World Citi Medical Director Dr. Margarita Santella-Jara; World Citi Med Officer-in-Charge CEO Raymond Patrick Guico; Ms. Rheena Villamor of the UNTV show Magandang Umaga, Kuya; Pastor Alex Tinsay of the GMA 7 TV Show 700 Club; The board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated; and, World Citi Med nurses and department heads. 

World Citi Med Prenatal Packages
Prenatal Package – Php4,600

Routine Urinalysis | Gel Method ABO Typing | Complete Blood Count
HBsAg Screening | VDRL (RPR) | Pap Smear (Histopath) | OGCT
Pelvic Ultrasound or Transvaginal Ultrasound (inclusive of reader’s fee)

World Citi Med also customizes their Maternity Packages according to your needs and budget.

1st Trimester Prenatal

Plan A – Php940
Routine Urinalysis | Complete Blood Count | Pap smear

Plan B – Php1,555
Routine Urinalysis | Complete Blood Count | Pap smear | VDRL (RPR)

Plan C – Php1,560
Routine Urinalysis | Complete Blood Count | Pap smear | VDRL (RPR) | OGCT

2ND Trimester Prenatal – Php2,130

3rd Trimester Prenatal

Plan A – Php1,080 | Plan B – Php1,255

VDRL (RPR) | OGCT | Routine Urinalysis | VDRL (RPR) | OGCT

More reasons why World Citi Med has the best Prenatal Package selections:
  • Free mother’s book for your prenatal check-ups
  • Free privilege card that you can use at World Citi Med and partner establishments for perks and discounts
  • Free Mothers Class on pre-natal, post-natal, breastfeeding, and family planning.
  • Free access to prenatal education resources
  • And with every Prenatal Package, you can also avail of discounts for an ultrasound of 2D Precious Heartbeat and Gender Reveal, 3D Up Close and Personal Gender Reveal and 4D Face-to-Face.

True to the nature-inspired theme, flowers and green decors, wall art to even fresh flowers and plants were all over the place. And the not-to-be-missed Mommy and Baby Photography that I found so cute.

Now, allow me to show you the rooms and some of the facilities of the newest Maternity Wing at World Citi Med.
Nurse Station

Magnetic Door Lock that opens via a keycard/access card.

Private Room

Maternity Ward

World Citi Med’s Maternity Wing Breast Feeding Station if mom wants privacy.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines

World Citi Med's Newest Maternity Wing can be a great help to expectant moms living in Quezon City, Marikina, and Antipolo (Sumulong-Marcos Highway). For moms who are still on the lookout about where to give birth, you can consider having your baby delivered here. The rooms are new, the ambiance is pretty nice and their prenatal, maternity packages are reasonably fair. This can be a "staycation"  moms like us deserve before-and after giving birth. :)

Book your Pre-Natal or Maternity Package now at (+632) 913-8380 locals 380, 210.
For more details, visit WolrdCitiMed website at

WorldCitiMed on Social Media:
Instagram @worldcitimed and on Facebook at @WorldCitiMedicalCenter.

Enfagrow A+ Four reveals its biggest breakthrough with MFGM Pro

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Enfagrow A+ Four reveals its biggest breakthrough with MFGM Pro

The first five years of life is the most exciting because 90% of brain development happens in this stage. That’s why parents invest so much time, effort, and nutrition to carefully nurture their children, yet still wonder if they can do more. Now the latest innovation in pediatric nutrition may be the help parents need.

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1st Public School in QC to benefit 21st Century Learning Powered by Globe

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Globe brings 21st-century learning to Quezon City public schools

Realizing the power of Information and Communications Technology in providing meaningful 21st-century learning, Globe Telecom brings its Global Filipino School (GFS) program to Quezon City via Masambong High School (MHS).

Globe Telecom brings its Global Filipino School (GFS) program to Quezon City via Masambong High School (MHS).

MHS represents the Department of Education (DepEd) Quezon City division and is, therefore, the 1st public school in QC to benefit from the GFS program which now covers 142 schools all over the country.

“Quality education goes hand-in-hand with ICT which allows learning to take place not only within the classroom but even beyond it.   Mobile internet adoption and the availability of affordable data-capable gadgets make it easier now for both students and teachers to access a vast library of information previously out of their reach. We believe that by providing the teachers and students with the tools they need, we can help uplift the state of Philippine education one school at a time,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications.
Esteemed Guests with Congressman BingBong Crisologo
The GFS program provides select public schools with infrastructure support and ICT equipment such as the Globe Digital Learning Lab – a mobile cart of ICT gadgets composed of Globe Prepaid Supersticks, charging station, netbooks, tablets, and projectors powered with superior internet connectivity.  The Lab can be used to teach different subject matters whether inside or outside the classroom to encourage creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.
Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista
For MHS, Globe, in partnership with Habitat For Humanity, also spearheaded the renovation of an underused classroom to create a multifunctional ICT Laboratory with a collaborative working space which includes modular tables designed to be quickly and easily moved around to form various shapes appropriate for individual learning, small-large group discussions, and conferences. 

The Creative Space can, likewise, be used as a teacher training center for the DepEd Division of Quezon City as part of the partnership between Globe Telecom and DepEd.  Under the program, MHS teachers were given training on how to seamlessly use internet connectivity and ICT tools in their subject expertise.  The teachers, in turn, are responsible for sharing the knowledge with neighboring schools as MHS will be serving as a teacher training hub for DepEd Division of QC on the use of internet connectivity and ICT tools in the classroom. 

At present, many public schools are still missing out on the benefits of ICT, prompting Globe to help address the concern through GFS.  The program, which started in 2012, intends to transform at least one school in each of the 221 school divisions under the Department of Education into centers of ICT excellence within the next four years. 

Based on the impact assessment released by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Global Market Research Company last year, digital skills among teachers and students particularly on the usage of mobile technology and computer software showed marked improvement as a result of the GFS program.  Students also become more well-rounded due to increased engagements are driven by various pillars under the 21st Century Learning Framework.  The notable increase in the presence of ICT equipment also resulted in more students and teachers now using ICT in their daily academic proceedings and becoming more engaged in the lessons.

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Awesome Sensessions with Solenn and Nico

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Kenny Rogers’ Awesome Sensessions with Solenn and Nico

It was a rainy afternoon of what I thought was a simple product launch at Kenny Rogers. The Power couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico take #RelationshipGoals to a whole new level as they become the newest ambassadors of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines. That steaming hot tvc with Solenn and Nico has been the circling not just the tv viewers but as well as on social media. 

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico with the awesome Garlic Butter Roast
Back story: They started off hot on digital with a steamy Solenn delectably eating a leg of roasted chicken, which caused a frenzy of views and shares online. A few days later this was followed by a hilarious material of Nico teaching his wife "how to be a true endorser". Nico himself was the one who came up with the classic line “The chicken and you are one”.

These were eventually revealed as teasers for the Kenny Rogers Roasters’ brand-new offering, the Garlic Butter Roast.

Sexy and funny has always been their trademark as a couple. From their pranks to banters, photoshoots and interviews, there is no doubt that they excite everyone with their antics. This is what inspired Kenny Rogers Roasters to launch the Garlic Butter Roast through an exciting experience called The Awesome Sensession.

The Awesome Sensession was held in Kenny Rogers Matalino Branch where guests were taken on a food journey by hearing, smelling and tasting Garlic Butter Roast. All throughout the program, guests were guided by a voice that was reminiscent of Solenn’s French accent, the language of love and romance.

The Awesome Sensession:  Allows media guest to experience the Garlic Butter Roast through their different senses
An experience that I didn't imagine: Media guests were treated to a different sensorial experience which commenced with guests blindfolding themselves to lose their sense of sight and heighten their other senses. This was followed by sizzling sounds and the mouthwatering aroma of garlic and butter, exciting their palate before that delectable first bite of the Garlic Butter Roast.

#SosyChick Solenn excited to surprise the guests
Finally, Solenn and Nico appeared once the blindfolds were removed as a surprise to the guests. As the photo op and media Q&A happened, guests were then served the delicious chicken complemented by some of Kenny’s well-loved sidings.

Kenny Rogers Roasters’  Newest Ambassadors Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico with (L-R) Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Marketing Manager Mackis Tuazon, General Manager Leonardo Berba and Marketing Director Carlos Vergara

“We wanted to take everyone through the sensory experience that our Garlic Butter Roast can bring. The home-style goodness of garlic and butter can transform any dish into a tempting and savory meal. That’s why we created an awesome journey to savor this aromatic roasted chicken bit by bit,” said Leonardo M. Berba, General Manager of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a popular rotisserie chicken restaurant in the Philippines. Since 1995, it has been serving its famous menu from its signature roasted chicken, muffins and side dishes. Until today, it continues to expand its offerings by creating deliciously healthy choices. That’s what keeps Kenny’s deliciously awesome!

For more information about the event, check out #sosychick and #GBR on Instagram or go to You can also check out their website

2017 READY: Disaster Resilience Forum

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Coming from the success of last year‟s first disaster resilience forum, Cebuana Lhuillier once again gathered stakeholders to push for disaster preparedness among Filipinos. With a mission to equip society‟s most vulnerable sectors against the onslaught of calamities, the nation‟s biggest names in disaster management, risk reduction, and post-disaster rehabilitation convened on August 9 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel for the ‘2017 READY Disaster Resilience Forum – All Sectors In: Making Everyone Disaster-Resilient’.  

In partnership with the Insurance Commission, the Climate Change Commission, and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the event was organized to serve as a platform to discuss measures on disaster resiliency for MSMEs, the agriculture sector, and high-risk communities. It is also a venue to educate the public about the role of microinsurance in disaster preparedness. The convenors and partners of this year‟s forum see microinsurance as a vital preparedness tool, which helps protect Filipinos from the harsh effects brought by calamities. 

“In the past twenty years, the number of natural calamities and disasters that ravaged our country has affected the lives of millions and impacted 80% of the local economy. To live with the effects of these natural disasters has become the new normal to many Filipinos. We, at Cebuana Lhuillier, together with our partners, the Insurance Commission, the Climate Change Commission and GIZ, believe that now, more than ever, is the best time to work together to formulate strategies that will help us inform, empower, and protect millions of Filipinos against the continuous onslaught of natural disasters,” Cebuana Lhuillier President and CEO Jean Henri Lhuillier shares.  

Citing the importance of disaster preparedness, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions Vice President and Group Head Jonathan Batangan emphasized the broader objective of the forum. “For the second year of the DR Forum, our goal is to reach out to the most vulnerable sectors of society. As a business with a mission towards social change, we go beyond shaping a nation that is not only financially-included but also financially-protected. By providing them with the proper knowledge and understanding on the risks posed by natural disasters and the ever changing climate; and by highlighting the important role of microinsurance in mitigating risks, we are on track in building disaster-resilient communities,” he said.  

Divided into three parts, the event featured a range of speakers from public and private institutions known to have deep involvement in disaster risk reduction and management. Kicking off the panel sessions were DTI Undersecretary Zenaida C. Maglaya of the Regional Operations Group, Mr. Adel A. Tamano, Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications of CocaCola Philippines, and Ms. Sandra Montano, Founder of Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services (CHEERS) for ‘Business Unusual: Disaster Resilience for Micro Enterprises’. 

Leading the second discussion, ‘A Ready Culture in Agriculture: Disaster Resilience for Farmers and Fisherfolks’, where Mr. Jimmy R. Loro, Senior Advisor of GIZ-RFPI Asia, Mr. Jose Luis Fernandez, Philippine Representative at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and Mr. Norman R. Cajucom, Senior Vice President of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation at the Department of Agriculture. For the third and final panel session, Dr. Renato U. Solidum, Jr., Undersecretary at the Department of Science and Technology and OIC at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PhiVolcs), and Mr. Ramon J. Santiago, Disaster Risk Reduction Management Adviser to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Head of the Metro Manila Crisis Monitoring and Management Center, discussed the topic ‘Inclusive Preparedness: Disaster Resilience in High-Risk Communities’. 

Besides the session speakers, the forum also featured Insurance Commissioner Atty. Dennis B. Funa and Climate Change Commissioner Frances Veronica R. Victorio as keynote speakers, while Mr. Michael Rellosa, Chairman of the ASEAN Insurance Council (AIC) Education Committee and Founding Trustee of the Microinsurance Agents Association of the Philippines, and Ms. Cathy Yap-Yang, anchor and managing editor at the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), served as moderators. 

This year‟s event sustains Cebuana Lhuillier‟s disaster resilience advocacy, which was launched in January 2016. The forum held last year was followed by a series of road shows in key cities Baguio, Cebu, and Davao to cascade insights and learnings. Midway through 2016, Cebuana Lhuillier introduced a new product called the Alagang Cebuana Plus (ACP) Gold. The introduction of the ACP Gold coincided with the launch of another project called „National Pilipino Protektado Day‟ (NPPD), which provided free micro insurance coverage to one million Filipinos across the country.  

Other initiatives rolled out under Cebuana Lhuillier‟s disaster resilience campaign include the launch of Cebuana Alerto, an Android app that provides real-time disaster-related information, the formation of the Microinsurance Agents Association of the Philippines (MIAAP), an organization founded to promote the interest and welfare of micro insurance agents nationwide, and the introduction of Claims Rapid Action in a Disaster-Stricken Area Operations (RAPIDO), an initiative that enables Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions (CLIS) to immediately process and settle claims right at the site where a disaster had just occurred. 

Fil-Global 3rd Year Anniversary

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Fil-Global  hosted a Wine & Cheese Immigration Night in celebration of the 3rd Year Anniversary

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (formerly Fil0Global Ltd.) hosted a Wine & Cheese Immigration Night for its valued members and treasured partners in celebration of the company\s 3rd Year Founding Anniversary.  The said event was held last August 7, 2017, 10 AM at Roberts Hall, Time Plaza, UN Avenue, Manila. According to Mr. Bertch Ian Ranis, Managing Director of FGL, the party served as the venue for socialization and networking between the guests and the members.

On a lighter note, Mr. Ranis gladly shared that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has timely granted Fil-Global Ltd the license to operate by the name of Fil-global Immigration Services Corporation (FGISC) which he considered the greatest gift to the company. He further said that FGISC will surely take its clients closer to their dreams through it service offices such as Fil-global Immigration, FG Creatives, JVB Travel & Tours, emphasized that the celebration is dedicated to the valued members and treasured partners of FGISC. He also disclosed that FGISC will give away tickets and hotel vouchers to the lucky guests.

Moreover, Mr. Albert Alde, Chief Operating Officer, has assured the public that FGISC together with its service offices will keep its commitment to deliver the services they truly deserve.

Meanwhile, FGISC is a world-class company that started in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and many others. The company is composed of professionals from many different sectors of industry who provide people from all walks of life a stepping store to achieve their dreams to study, work, and live overseas.

JVB Travel and Tours, on the other hand, the official travel company of Fil-Global Corporation founded in London, is composed of highly skilled professionals, from the mix-sector in the industry of Nursing Health Care, Soci-Civic, Healthcare Management, Employment, Business Development and Marketing and Job Placement, Banking and Finance for almost 5 years.

Finally, PTE Academic Centre, the official English Centre of FGC, offers various English programs designed to meet the demands of diverse disciplines, Each program is tailored to the needs of the students who want to acquire specific functional English communication skills. Indeed, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation believes that taking the first step in achieving one's goal and ultimate dream may start from sharing moments through great WINE & CHEESE.

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Friso Four Lets Kids Play Free with Friso Watch

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Friso Four Lets Kids Play Free with Friso Watch

Kids Playtime is not just simply happy time for our kids, it's also a way of exploring the world on their own, discovering things from themselves and develop skills in the process. It's basically like the world is their classroom. But letting them go is a thing I haven't mastered yet. I want to be always there and see what they were doing, is the area safe or who are they playing with, well I can run a list all day but let's just leave it at that,. In short, Moms are always protective and only wants the best for their kids. Right?