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KOTA Puerto Princesa Opens in August. #ThePalawanSpa

This is me, reminiscing our 4days-4nights Puerto Princesa adventure. 
Me, together with daddyO and other blogger friends had the chance to take a peak at KOTA Spa. Though it is still in progress I find it exciting. I can only imagine how nice it'll be once it's done. Upon seeing a glimpse of it, I loved it already. 
It's so nice, Well, I'll try my best elaborate but I might disappoint you :P 
First of, I like that the setting is kind of a vacant lot. Ehem! not the vacant lot that we imagine in the city in concrete land and rubbish. In some untouched parts of Puerto Princesa, a vacant lot were mostly like what they had in the hacienda's in some telenovela, with big trees, flowering plants, green grass, chickens and even farming animals and an authentic soil. not alikabok, pulbos ng konreto or whatevs.
Then, I saw the tree house, the kid in me leap out my chest for that very moment. Then memories from my childhood days rush in. Ok, now stop. those memories will be on a different post or maybe not :P We arrived at KOTA Spa kinda late, so it's dark but that what makes me more fascinated about it. The lightings were simple, yet it captivates me. It made my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Actually, during that moment I was like, is there someone who's gonna pop the big Q, is there someone proposing to someone? that kind of peg. Felt so romantic in its own way. Yay excuse the hopeless romantic in me :P
Now here's the sad part of my post:
My pictures didn't give justice to what our eyes saw that night. I was so frustrated about it actually. I hate not capturing that very moment as the way I see it with my very own eyes. I felt so bad, I felt like "what's my sense as a blogger if I can't share it my readers" kind of drama :P
The Tree House

This Lantern is a Beautiful Piece

It was made from the negatives of a film if I remembered it right and it's not just an ordinary film. It's from a movie and not just an ordinary film. here I go again with that remark :P Pause for dramatic effect. It's from the award winning movie PLONING with Judy Anne Santos directed by Dante Nico Garcia. How nice that a negative thing can come so positive and as an art. -yay corny but I kinda make sense aminin!

So I highly recommend that you guys better see it for yourselves. Go visit KOTA spa as it opens in August this year.
The first 100 to purchase this KOTA Spa gift cards gets 90% off the posted price.
Opps! were not done yet. According to the managers of KOTA Spa, KOTA Spa is  a blend of Cuyonon traditions & luxury spa at the heart of Puerto Princesa. It'll be open as a wedding or any events venue and of course for sparties and campings well it's gotta be glamping for it's soooo fab for me.
Now here's some pictures from KOTA SPA and look it's day time :)

A photo posted by #ThePalawanSpa (@spa_kota) on

A photo posted by #ThePalawanSpa (@spa_kota) on

A photo posted by #ThePalawanSpa (@spa_kota) on

I'll try my best to post updates about KOTA Spa as it's launching will be in August this year.
KOTA Spa #ThePalawanSpa
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