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The First Ever Salt Room In Philippines by Aqua Mineral

Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

The first and the most trusted skincare brand when it comes to Dead Sea Mineral based skin care products brings us another innovative and unique concept this quarter.

Puerto Princesa Underground River is about to Close #LetTheRiverRest

Puerto Princesa's Underground River is about to close and will no longer be accepting tourist starting July1. Wait, wait, wait! and Relax. The closure of the Subterranean Nation Park will only be for 3-days to give way to its much-needed rest also known as #LetTheRiverRest campaign. The said ca…

555 Tuna Rice: KaEat-Saan-Sarap

New 555 Tuna Rice for delicious tuna and rice meals Ka-Eat saan, Ka-Eat kailan!

Ever had that feeling of always being hungry when you're traveling? Me, Guilty as charged! I am a proud member of Takot sa Gutom Society :P kidding aside, I am the type of traveller who's always making sure I pack…

Makibaka! #TeamAdobo! DatuPuti 's Adobo Movement

Datu Puti Adobo Movement taken to the next level Adobo’s best awarded at Mercato Centrale Going Loco Over Adobo:
Adobo is one of my favorite ulam at home, most specially if it's cooked by my Pappi. Hay, walang kapantay :P
Mapapakanin pa more ka talaga. And this dish gets even better day after day …

A Glimpse of My Puerto Princesa Adventure

Palawan is on the top of my travel bucket list. Having the chance to go see it sooner than I have planned nor expected is really a dream come true. But before, nagkakasya na lang ako kaka-stalked sa instagram photo's ng mga random people going somewhere in Palawan.  From the looks of it, I fell …