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Puerto Princesa Underground River is about to Close #LetTheRiverRest

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Puerto Princesa's Underground River is about to close and will no longer be accepting tourist starting July1. Wait, wait, wait! and Relax. The closure of the Subterranean Nation Park will only be for 3-days to give way to its much-needed rest also known as #LetTheRiverRest campaign. The said campaign is already on its 2nd year.

On July 1, a bus full of artists & filmmakers will close the Puerto Princesa Underground River for three days. During those days, they will try to sell 3,600 passes to the river by driving from North to South of Mainland Palawan and continuously upload videos of performances at stopovers and collaborations with the locals on Instagram to encourage buyers and Palawenyos to join the #PositiveValues Instagram video contest that can make them win US$3600 worth of Palawan adventure or Php360,000 film grant.

With a purchase of US$30 or Php1500 and not going to the river, one not only becomes a lifetime member of and be eligible to participate in all future events and contests of the organization but will also be able to sponsor one Palawan artist to the organization. (US$10 or Php500 only for Palawan residents until July 3.)

This is the #LetTheRiverRest Int'l Film Festival & New Media Convergence 2016. A project on PerCent Integrated Marketing Communications through its IsDa Revolution (Indie Support and Development Advocacy) Project in cooperation with, The Palawan Heritage Center,, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development & the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River & National Park.

This year’s proceeds will be used as seed money to build the FilipiNow Theater, a state-of-the-art theater by the Underground River that will exclusively screen content and exhibit works produced by the members of IsDa Revolution.

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555 Tuna Rice: KaEat-Saan-Sarap

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New 555 Tuna Rice for delicious tuna and rice meals
Ka-Eat saan, Ka-Eat kailan!

Ever had that feeling of always being hungry when you're traveling? Me, Guilty as charged! I am a proud member of Takot sa Gutom Society :P kidding aside, I am the type of traveller who's always making sure I packed a lot of snacks, food, and other travelling essentials. That sometimes I suffer carrying a hefty load of things. And in times of bad luckfood spills making my bag a leaky mess and worse food spoilage for home cooked meal.

But those days were over. Now, I can bring any rice meals like my favorite adobo, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Century Pacific Food, Inc., one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country today,  for introducing a deliciously innovative addition to its popular 555 Tuna product line: 555 Tuna Rice!

This product is super meant for me, for individuals that don't have that super power to cook, or for people who's always on the go  and who has no time to prepare for rice meals. The goodness of a lutong ulam and rice specially designed foil pack that is easy to open and only the first of it's kind that is readily available in the market. Surely a KumpleTUNA meal in an easy to open pouch will give you that #KaEatSaanSarap moment. 

“The new 555 Tuna Rice remains true to what 555 Tuna is known for—delicious, home-cooked ulam at affordable prices. But this time, we are bringing more to the table—all your favorite dishes complete with rice in one convenient pack so you can have a delicious, filling rice meal anytime, anywhere! With the new 555 Tuna Rice,  everyone can now enjoy the healthfulness of tuna and rice, with the goodness of home cooking, all in an easy-to-open, easy-to-carry pack”.

         says Mr. Greg Banzon, VP and General Manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc.

555 Tuna comes in a unique, stand-up foil pouch designed in such a way to allow for space-saving storage in the pantry as well as for ease in bringing it with you wherever you go. While it is easy to open, it is also durable enough, allowing for better preservation of food and flavors.

Imagine yourself going to your office and your daily commute when you're in a hurry but doesn't want to miss the most important meal of the day, duh your breakfast. Just tear to open a pack of 555TunaRice and the next thing you'll know is  you feeling busog and done with your breakfast while on the road. Multi-tasking at it's finest ea?

And who better to show how flavorful and convenient 555 Tuna Rice than the sensational Bogart the Explorer, what with his many fun, hilarious, capers! Wherever his adventures take him, he’s sure to have a pack of 555 Tuna Rice ready when hunger strikes! Watch out as Bogart the Explorer shares his latest adventures online and in billboards and banners, bringing with him the different 555 Tuna Rice variants to make his exploits more fun, energetic, and deliciously interesting!

555 Tuna Rice comes in these delicious varieties: Tuna Rice Afritada, Tuna Rice Adobo, and Tuna Rice Sisig, each one capturing the essence and flavours of real home cooking. And with a suggested retail price of Php 27.50, you are assured of real value for money that’s easy on the budget.

555 Tuna Rice is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Luzon. 

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Makibaka! #TeamAdobo! DatuPuti 's Adobo Movement

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Datu Puti Adobo Movement taken to the next level Adobo’s best awarded at Mercato Centrale
Going Loco Over Adobo:
Adobo is one of my favorite ulam at home, most specially if it's cooked by my Pappi. Hay, walang kapantay :P
Mapapakanin pa more ka talaga. And this dish gets even better day after day after day and sometimes it's also known as "Pangat" not the commonly known fish dish but for "pangatlong init"  because people say that adobo gets better after a while. But in our home di na sya masisikatan ng araw dahil ubos agad :P I love the Adobo version of Pappi, he called it Paksiw na pata :P Where he will cooked the pork's leg via pressured cooker till it's super soft that almost gets off the bone by itself, then seasoned just the way we like it, salty, sour and a kick of spiciness, yay drooling now :P

In celebration of the cultural gastronomic heritage that is the Adobo, NutriAsias Datu Puti put Pinoys to task in finding and feting the best adobo recipes at the recent Datu Puti Adobo Challenge held last Saturday, June 11, at the Mercato Centrale food market in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Co-presented with Mercato Central and Our Awesome Planet, The Datu Puti Adobo Challenge was part of the thrust to take the Datu Puti Adobo Movement a step further this 2016. Launched in 2015, the Datu Puti Adobo Movement was created to push for Adobo to be our pambansang ulam. It is a movement that hits close to home because Adobo is a dish that is as personal, as it is national. Each household has its own signature Adobo, and the shared flavor defines families, identifies us as Filipinos, and boosts us as a nation.  This event is also supported by partners Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (PCHM) and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

Read my other post about Mercato Centrale here

The push for Adobo has reached much acclaim and has even been echoed by efforts in Congress. In fact, Bohol First District Representative Rene Relampagos filed House Bill 3926 in 2014, which sought to formally declare it as the national dish. The Datu Puti Adobo Movement has drawn support for the bill through a petition since the launching of the advocacy in June 2015.

The Adobo Challenge
To get people more involved in the Datu Puti Adobo Movement this 2016, the advocacy group mounted the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge and gathered Mercato Centrale’s veteran home-based cooks to create their own special Adobo dish. Participating food vendors of Mercato Centrale prepared adobo dishes using any type of meat and vegetable, and were marinated in or cooked with at least two of the three main Datu Puti products: vinegar, soy sauce, and patis (fish sauce). The top 14 entries were selected based on various criteria, including: creativity of concept, which looks at the story behind the dish as well as originality, branding and cooking technique; innovation, noting the use of unique special ingredients and Datu Puti products; and Philippine culinary heritage, including how it adopts and represents regional cooking styles.

Adobo Ala Cabiao. 
A sisig-style beef adobo wrapped in an omelet by Chef Bab’s Sisig
Adobong Ensalada by Dadding’s Kitchenette. 
A savory salad of adobo flakes, red egg and mangoes. 
Cuisiners’ Crispy Beef Adobo 
Makinabang-style beef adobo deep-fried to crispy perfection
Adobo sa Puti by House of Crispy
A well-known regional twist to the classic adobo. 
Good Meal Hunting’s Classic Chicken Adobo 
Traditional adobo made with chicken breast cuts – healthy and halal.
Good Meal Hunting’s Fried Chicken Adobo 
Chicken thigh fillets deep-fried Korean-style and glazed with adobo sauce fused with Korean chili paste.
Mercato Centrale was truly the right venue to celebrate this culinary heritage and mount the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge. The Mercato Centrale food fair is the go-to destination of urban foodies. Finding its home on 7th avenue and 25th street (across The Forum and in front of the “Between the Lines” art mural) in the heart of the BGC business district, this fab food fair happening every Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. has earned the disctinction of being a hub of culinary experiences. It is a venue for both comfort food cravings and fresh gastronomic finds all prepped by budding food entrepreneurs. During the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge, some select Mercato vendors added Adobo to their usual fare, and the foodies were all in for awesome renditions of the national comfort fave.

The Winning Adobo, Atbp.
Hosted by a familiar foodie himself, Tonipet Gaba, the feast was made even more festive with musical performances by homegrown talents UpDharma Down and Ebe Dancel. It was truly a treat to see both culinary and entertainment talents back up the Adobo initiative. As guests were treated to aromatic flavors and local OPM, Pinoy pride was truly in the air.

Among the participants, the Top 3 among the entries wowed the crowd with their inspired versions of the dish. Based on criteria that took into account taste, presentation, story, and heart, three Mercato vendors were named as the winners of the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge. And based on on-the-spot voting by the Mercato foodies, one was hailed as the People’s Choice.
Here are the winners (^.^,)
First place:
The Oinkery's Pugon-smoked Pork Adobo
Pork shoulder pugon-smoked for 8 hours, glazed with a rich Cebu-style adobo sauce 
and garnished with fresh manggang hilaw

Inspired by Cebu’s method of cooking lechon, The Oinkery roasts their pork meat inside a traditional pugon giving it that distinct smoky taste.  Matthew combines the finished product with his sister’s Cebu-style adobo sauce and garnishes it with fresh green mangoes on the side. Having been slow-cooked for a total of eight hours, the meat is guaranteed to be soft and juicy with every bite.

Second place:
Dayrit's Pork Adobong Laing Pinangat
Two Filipino favorites, Adobo and Laing, in one unique and flavorful dish.

 According to Chef Miguel Dayrit, their version of the classic adobo recipe is different from the rest because it combines the strong flavors of two Pinoy viands to create an outstanding dish. This Bicolandia inspired concoction is a fusion of the creamy, hot and spicy and the sour and salty trademarks of laing and adobo respectively. 

Third place:
Bakmi Nyonya Babi Kekap Adobo Nyonya
 A classic Filipino adobo infused with Indonesian spices. Served with Sambal.

Lucy of Bakmi Nyonya, one of the well-known food vendors in Mercato Centrale, reinvents the Pinoy classic adobo and incorporates her Indonesian-style of cooking to come up with a unique entry to the Adobo Challenge 2016.  This delicate pork adobo treat is mixed with secret Indonesian spices, cooked in soy sauce and vinegar and served with the classic sambal.

People’s Choice Award:
Lariza's Seafood Adobo
A mix of crab, shrimp and mussels cooked adobo style and topped with cheese.

Tess Gonzales, the proud owner of Lariza’s knew that her opponents would stick to the usual pork or chicken adobo, so she decided to come up with something edgy. With her “Seafood Adobo”, she hopes to motivate Filipinos to be more daring and “adobofy” fresh catch from the sea as an alternative to the usual adobo recipes. 

All Adobo winners were awarded start-up funds in cash, so they could include their winning dishes in the regular Mercato menu. The People’s Choice awardee also received P3,000 worth of Datu Puti goods.
With these latest initiatives and the warm response of urban foodies, the Datu Puti Adobo Movement has definitely made strides in rallying more people behind the nation’s ulam of choice.

Interested parties may still support the Datu Puti Adobo Movement by signing the petition at

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A Glimpse of My Puerto Princesa Adventure

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Palawan is on the top of my travel bucket list. Having the chance to go see it sooner than I have planned nor expected is really a dream come true. But before, nagkakasya na lang ako kaka-stalked sa instagram photo's ng mga random people going somewhere in Palawan. 
From the looks of it, I fell in love... not with the random people ah,  hahaha but with the majestic rocky mountains that I find unique, with their amazing saltwater having that I-dont-know-what-shade-of-blue-and-green. Luscious greens while travelling on the road, and of course their amazing and not papahuling- Beaches.
Arriving with a Warm Welcome.
Thanked God that our flight was on schedule. (30minutes late, I can live with that. Que sa naman yung first flight ko where we stayed at the airport for 6 hours :P) Arriving with a warm welcome from the beautiful people of Puerto Princesa is super kilig. Lakas maka-Bb.Pilipinas delegate :P
PPS Touchdown and Checked In
Microtel By Wyndham Puerto Princesa will be our home for the first 2 nights,
of our 4days 4nights stay in Palawan. 
All smiles kahit pagod: Cyrene, Christian, Iza, Lee, Chris and Me :)

Officially our first day in Microtel and it fascinates me even more. 
Details about my Microtel By Wyndham Staycation on a separate blog post. (^.^,)
The remaining days and nights to spent at Citystate Asturias Hotel for the second half of our PPS Adventure
Asturias Hotel
Road Tripping Right About Now! 
Basically here's what happened...
Dinner at Arnold's Baywalk Seafood Square 
Best known for their Boodle Fight set meals.
Kakain Naaaaa!!!
 Nightcap anyone?
Viet Ville Restaurant
We had our sumptuous lunch ala Vietnamese style at Viet Ville Restaurant.

 Very Asian, and more likely Filipino infused too.
TIP: Here, you can dress up like a true-blue-Vietnamese. 
Different costumes are available for rent. 
Tiya Ising's
Filipino Restaurant . Have a taste of history.
Super heavy meal for a jam-packed day!
La Terrasse
...for desserts
Firefly watching at Siksikan River and Dinner at The Floating Restaurant
Beach Mode:
Nagtabon Beach

Island Hopping Day!
All Aboard??? Yep, and  I am so excited!!!
We're going for a swim, snorkeling, boating etc. and it sounds super exciting!!!
 Isla Felomina
Located in barangay New Panggangan, 

an amazing snorkeling and dive site.

Underground River
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Quick stop at Robinsons Palawan
Last but not the least...
The Puerto Princesa City Tour
This is just a special rundown post, folks.
Relax, cause I'll be sharing a more detailed post about this trip, PROMISE!
Historical Landmarks
Plaza Cuartel
Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
Plus, I got a little extra...
We had so much fun!!! Kita naman dibah?
Please do come back for a much detailed post about my  "Exploring Puerto Princesa " Escapade.

Ciao for now (^.^,)

My Puerto Princesa Adventures...
Nagtabon Beach | Isla Felomina
Kota Spa | Casa Nieves | Let The River Rest Campaign | Panja Resort | Palawan Heritage
La Terrasse | Viet Ville Restaurant | Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant
Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa | Asturias Hotel

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