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Newest and Tastiest District in Town: Meat District

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Meat District was born out of the passion for premium high-quality gourmet meat we all crave. Our products are distinctively tasty as they are made in controlled batches with fresh ingredients and spices, without artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders to ensure maximum flavor.

We take pride in our craft and maintain out a time-tested and treasured recipe of specialty sausages and deli meats. Our delightful creation includes European sausages, Weiners, Bacon, Beef, Ham and even all-time Filipino favorites such as Beef Tapa, Chicken or Pork Longganisa, and Pork Sisig.

Founded in 2012 with its manufacturing facility based in Cainta, Rizal. Given a double certification from the National Meat Inspection (NMIS) follows strict compliance of both GMP and HACCP quality and sanitation standards.

Imported meat products were used at Meat District. Grown and sourced from the best of farms in the land down under, Australia and also Brazil. Packaging comes in frozen, vacuum sealed and flown in from its origin to ensure freshness. They also take pride in supporting local farmers and Philippine Swine Industry for product variations.

Over past 4 years, our product range has steadily grown from a handful of specialty sausages to more than 30 delicious varieties of premium gourmet meat, proof of growing number of customers that enjoy the consistent quality Meat District delivers daily. -Meat District History

I was invited for a product launch and food tasting event of Meat District. In a way, I'm so excited because processed food is a good way to go during busy days or when your fridge run out the usual stuff. But as a mom of 3 kids, I am also mindful of the not so good stuff about processed food. So all eyes and ears go to Meat District as they go on with their presentation.

I've noticed that the Meat District products are not the usual red-red thingies. That's a good sign, right? No OA colorants. Alam mo naman pag mommies na usisera sa mga bagay. dapat safe, dapat healthy, and most important of all dapat masarap.

Meat District products are already out in the market but not sold as packs or seen at the shelves of your neighborhood grocery stores. It's being served at hotels and restaurants for all we know. But just recently Meat District is open for resellers and distributors with business plans that might interest you. Visit and you may contact them know more about it.

About the taste of Meat District products:
Tried their weiners, lean ham, garlic beef tapa and chicken tocino and I enjoyed everything. 
will post a separate food review soon...

Check this out! 
Just some of the Meat District Product Line
Meat District Products
Meat District Lean Ham

Meat District Lean Ham in 250grams
Meat District Weiners 4.5inch Jumbo
Meat District Pork Tocino in 500grams
Meat District Chicken Longaniza in 500grams
Meat District Beef Tapa in 500grams

Meat District Country Breakfast Sausage
Meat District Schublig Sausage
Meat District Honey Cured Bacon Sliced in 500grams
Food Tasting

Meat District. Our Meat. Our Signature

Meat District Corporation
website | W5A IGNACIO COMPOUND. MANGGAHAN, PASIG CITY | +632 646 5626 LOC 131

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How to De-Stress Kids at School? #AminoFresC

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Amino Fres-C

Dear Parents, did you know that di lang tayo ang naii-stress? Even our precious little one's experience it too. Lalo na at school. We all are pretty aware na ang school is wonderful place for new learnings and happenings in our child. But this can also give stress to them like sa mga kids ko na sa simpleng schedule sa pagpasok eh naiinip na, sa mabibigat na bag, sa nabaling crayons, natapon na juice etc etc... Spell STRESS dabah :P ( IKR, relate ako lalo na pag math subject na chozzz!!!) 

How to De-Stress our Kids from School? 
with the help of AMINO FRES-C: A Real Fruity Tasting Juice Drink 

But I tried my very best to instill the value of diligence and patience. As much as possible ayoko nang bugnutin or moody na bagets :P I tried talking them out whenever naiinip/naiinis/ or galit na sila. Feed them with knowledge that can also widen their understanding and sharpen their minds. Be involved in their school life, like checking their assignments/projects etc. Also be mindful for any emotional or physical traumas they might stumble upon to. Let them join extra curricular activities that can help them boost their self-esteem and develop a healthy body.

De-Stress kids from the hurly-burly of school with the help of Amino Fres-C Juice Drink

Now back to de-stressing the kids...
Wouldn't it be nice if we would prepare something eye poppin - jaw dropping treats pambaon to our kiddies :) Let me introduce to you AMINO FRES-C an instant (powdered) juice drink mix from Ajinomoto.
My Daughter Ricci with her Amino Fres-C Orange drink
Eye poppin for that bright colors and jaw droppin for super fruity tasting drink!

The New Amino Fres-C is a great addition to our kids daily baon for school. Amino Fres-C is the only powdered juice drink that is packed with Branched Chain Amino  and Acids (BCAA) with Gluthamine and Arginine. These specific amino acids were the building blocks of protein that maintain energy levels, supports muscle growth and repair, and toughen immune system making this drink 70% less calories compared to other powdered juice brands, so they get to enjoy real fruity taste of its Orange, Pineapple, and Mango.
Amino Fres-C Orange, Mango and Pineapple
Make a baon that they can't resist but won't compromise the healthy diet. (^.^,) Meals that is more enjoyable and nourishing but great tasting. Must confess, picky eater here :( advantage is I know how to play around with food ang make it likeable for my kids :D For veggies make it almost invisible to see but don't cheat, wag itago or dayain cause I hate ng dinadaya nung bata ako :P Try juicing, I juiced veggies and fruits and stick to best tasting ones kaya may veggie intake pa din sila somehow :D. And practice what you preach :P As for me na picky eater din, dapat magbawas bawas ako ng kaartehan or else I'm setting a bad example :P

Need I say more? (^.^,)

Amino Fres-C

What can I say?
At first, upon looking at it I thought it's just another powdered juice drink to mix with water... But the moment I've tasted it... ay may naisip ako na iba :P and I say KABOG!!! I super love the orange flavor kasi sanay na tayo sa lasa ng mga litro pack juices na iba iba lang ang name pero halos same sa lasa. Pero sa Amino Fres-C... hay... real ang fruity lasa., not the usual taste na nakasanayan :P Even my sister said manggang-Mangga yung Mango!!!

My kids say?
C: Masarap an orange na orange :P
R: it's good, I like mango!
C: delicious... OK like!

Amino Fres-C
 Amino Fres-C is available at any local supermarkets for P8.00/per pack only

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Regenerate with REGENESIS

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Regenesis The Face & Body Boutique

Aesthetic clinics are growing in the country. Each clinic has its own personality, with different approaches to beauty. But it is important to look for a clinic that utilizes methods that value a person’s inherent beauty and provides services suitable to one’s needs.

Consider this… Ageing spares no one.

Millions of cells in our body die everyday, taking a toll on our skin and body. This results to volume loss in the face, loss of skin elasticity and other less desirable physical changes. And while we can’t stop ourselves from ageing, we can undergo treatments that will slow down and reduce its visible effects. When this happens, we need to transform, we need to regenerate.
The body may have the capacity to heal itself, but this will take time. And as its ability to repair slows down, the wait is longer and even impossible. This very principle of Regeneration is what Regenesis offers.
Spacious Service Area at Regenesis
Regenesis utilizes techniques that are anchored in speeding up the body’s regeneration abilities. It uses safe and state-of-the-art technologies that aid in the body’s regeneration abilities. Each service aims to bring back your natural glow and lets you experience a youthful transformation.

The clinic offers several types of Regenesis treatments namely, Skin Regenesis, Body Regenesis and Laser and Light Regenesis.       

Because skin goes beyond just the face, Skin Regenesis focuses not only on facial needs but also on skin improvement needs of the other parts of the body. The clinic offers various facial cleaning, peeling, skin tightening and firming, acne removal and other skin treatment options. These treatments will let your face and body, bloom, glow and metamorphose to a younger you.
Body Regenesis provides body improvement treatments – from body shaping to toning, for a healthier you. The clinic has a number of body sculpting procedures that are non-invasive. Regenesis also offers “deeper regenesis,” which promotes regeneration from within.

And with the most modern equipment, Regenesis introduces special laser and light treatments that repair skin damage faster, more effectively and without downtime.  

Dra. Angela Gomez and ME

Regenesis was created with Dr. Angela Gomez’s vision of making beauty and wellness available for everyone. As such, the clinic is strategically placed in Festival Supermall in Alabang. The prices of treatments are also very affordable.

For sure, one cannot disregard the implications of ageing to our body. But the good news is that it can be prevented.

Regenerate with Regenesis and experience a youthful transformation.    
REVLITE @Regenesis

Watch out for my REVLITE Review SOON...
REGENESIS The Face & Body Boutique
facebook page

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#DMPineappleaDay to lessen The Danger of Sick Days

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The Dangers of Sick Days

Whenever my kids are feeling low, Hindi ako sanay... at the corner of my mind I know something's wrong. And when I hear them sneeze, binibilang ko talaga kung ilan  :P Because I know it's either the normal sneezing or it's a sign that their body is under attack. 

Yes! attack of not by the titans but the viruses or bacterial diseases, that can lead cough colds, flu just to name a few. Viruses and Bacterias that were just around the corners that even our home's not that perfectly safe from.So is my kid is not feeling better, Absent na sa sa class :( Its not only the "lesson for today" peg ang na lost, they also missed the chance to have a bright and happy day with friends for me kasi happy days are the best, BUT they're also missing the opportunities for growth.

Add caption
Eh, what if mega yung virus/bacteria na naka-infect sa kids ko? And a day of absence is not enough, Lagot na :( Multiple sick days are likely to set back your children’s education, as well as their overall development and growth. Classes are typically dependent on very specific timelines, and whenever schoolchildren get sick, they miss valuable lessons that may prove to be crucial later on in the school year. Buti kung may friends sila na nagshe-share ng assignment, But still it won't work well. This compromises the pacing for their growth as individuals. It can be very hard for students who are often absent to get back on track.

In school, specially now my kids are in the Big school na, almost half of the day nas a school sila, And we cant see what's happening at school... "insert panikerang mom here" It is important that we make sure that our children are kept safe from infection. Kaya dapat bonggang-bongga ang support sa vitamins and nutrients that they need to stay perfectly fine and healthy. Buti na lange now have a sweet and easy way to help our kids fights infection and make everyday a school ready day. -PINEAPPLES

With just a serving of pineapple a day helps strengthen immunity. 
Ano nga bang magagawa ng canned pineapples sa ating mga kid’s? is it a disease-fighting sidekicks? 
As studies show, a lot actually!

The said clinical study checked the possible effects of canned pineapples as a practical immunity booster. A nine-week randomized, controlled trial was conducted on 98 elementary school students in Paco, Manila. The students were divided into three groups. Two of the three groups of children were regularly served Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits. The third group served as the control group and was not given any canned pineapples. 
Del Monte Pineapple #DMPineappleADay

Only the groups who took regular servings of Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits had an increased resistance to disease and infection, with those taking two servings (140g per serving) demonstrating higher granulocyte production. 

Granulocytes are key components of white blood cells and are important players of the immune system. They are the fighter cells that detect and kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Finally, a healthy solution that’s tastier than most!

The results show that adding 2 servings of canned pineapples to your children’s daily diet goes a long way towards protecting them from sickness. Giving children #DMPineappleADay is a quick, easy, and delicious way of strengthening their immunity while supplying much-needed nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, fiber, and manganese.  

A stronger immune system can help prevent children from missing out on many opportunities. With this, children will be able to fight off infection, keep attending classes, and make the most of their precious time in school.
Sample Pineapple dishes and drink.

 Check out this recipe cards (^.^,)

For more recipe cards and other info please check this out.

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Casting The Fraudsters for "PLASTIC" The Movie

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Months ago I saw the movie trailer of "Plastic" before watching the Minions movie and my eyes were open wide and jaws drop sabay tingin kay hubby saying " Panoodin natin yannnn!!! 

I'm so excited and can't wait to watch this...
For now here's something to feed my excitement :P and hope your excited too.

Brilliant college student Sam has the perfect credit card scam until his crew robs the wrong man. Now they have two weeks to repay ruthless gangster Marcel two million dollars or they will be dead. Sam and his team devise a scheme to clear their debt by heading to Miami to poach enough cash and merchandise.

But they come up short. So Sam and his gang set their sights on a daring jewelry heist that could make them hugely wealthy for life. Their plan turns sour, however, when the team members start turning on each other. Now it’s up to Sam to finish the brazen heist and turn the tables on Marcel before they all go down.

High Octane from start to finish, PLASTIC is based on the incredible true story of the UK Fraudsters from Manchester who stole £20 million worth of diamonds from jewelers in Beverly Hills back in 1997.


The film stars Ed Speleers (Sam), Alfie Allen (Yatesy), Sebastian De Souza (Rafa), Will Poulter (Fordy), and Emma Rigby (Frankie).

Producers Terry Stone and Dan Toland wanted to use the premise of the real story, but decided to change the characters and setting in order to make it more stylish and modern. It meant finding the right people for the characters was even more important to fit in with the Gilbey brother’s vision.
Ed Speelers as Sam

The central ensemble is led by control-freak, Sam, who is played by Ed Speleers (Downtown Abbey, A Lonely Place to Die). Ed had previously worked with Julian before on A Lonely Place to Die so their working relationship was already closely established. Julian was fully aware that Ed was a talented actor who really works at his craft. “He really came up with some good character ideas. He’s a solid leading man and a great guy to work with,” says Julian. Ed had heard of the script not only through his manager but also through Julian. When he realised they wanted someone a lot younger than originally planned, he jumped at the chance to play Sam.

Alfie Allen as Yatesy
(photo credit to
When they approached Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones, Attonement) the crew were thrilled that he was interested in the script. Julian says: “I was in Miami when I got the call that Alfie really wanted to play the role and we just jumped about. He was perfect. Yatesy is a great role; he’s a dreadful, wonderful, spiteful and conflicted character and Alfie puts on a very honest performance. Although the character is very vain, Alfie isn’t at all.” Alfie himself said he loved playing the cheeky rogue and that the entire cast got on really well. “[The producers] got the dynamics of the characters so right,” he says.

Will Poutler as Fordy
The part of Fordy went to Will Poulter (We’re the Millers, The Chronicles of Narnia) who has received nothing but praise for his work on set and his attitude off set from both cast and crew. Poulter explains that he liked the character of Fordy as soon as he read the script. “I got sent the script by my agency and read it and l really enjoyed it. It’s a really fun. I loved the character of Fordy; he’s a lot more intelligent than me.” Julian and Will sat down many times to discuss how to keep Fordy on the side of the audience but still have that level of ambiguity about the character. “I really love Will, he really grounds this film. Playing the straight character is a very difficult thing to do but the truth of the matter is, is how straight is Fordy? He’s working in credit card fraud so he’s still a criminal.”
Sebastian De Souza as Rafa
(photo credit to
The character of Rafa, who is seemlingly closer to Yatesy than any of the other boys, is played by Sebastian De Souza (The Borgias, Skins). Plastic is his first feature film after a background in television and he was very “pleased and grateful” to be offered the role after hearing about it through his agency. When speaking about the character, De Souza says “initially you’d read him as a joke of the four boys, but eventually he earns his keep by coming up with the idea that in theory will save them from death by Marcel.” 

Emma Rigby as Frankie
Last, but not least, is the character of Frankie, played by Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks) who’s also new to the film scene, this being her first lead role in a feature film. “When we originally looked at Emma we just thought well here’s someone really glamorous, she’s got the look of a great Hollywood starlet. The camera absolutely loves her plus she’s a great actress so her central performance is amazing along with Ed’s and there’s that real vibe between them” says Dan Toland.

When talking about the script, Emma says: “I was really interested in it being based on a true story. I also liked the aspect of it being a heist and that the cast were really young.”
When discussing the main cast, Toland says there’s a real vibe and dynamic that really centres all performances. “They all play off each other which really brings the story to life.”

As Julian Gilbey puts it, Plastic is “not another film where a bunch of cockney geezers are blowing people’s heads off in Range Rovers!” What it is is an emotive story about five students, who get out of their depth in the shady world of credit card fraud. Toland describes it as hugely entertaining with “Robin Hood themes” running throughout. It’s British film-making at its best and features an amazing up-and-coming young cast that is set to wow audiences aged from teenagers to adults.

PLASTIC OPENS IN CINEMAS August 26, 2015 (Wednesday) 

Buns and Cream Together, Made Even Better #HATTENDOlicious

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Consume within 24hours after purchase #Hattendolicious
Give in to Hattendo's light and delicate taste of creamy goodness 
That oh so soft and fluffy, melts in your mouth goodie- it's definitely #HATTENDOLICIOUS!

Box of 6s
Hattendo Since 1933
 Wrapped Individually
Hattendo Japanese Chilled Buns

Hattendo Box of 6s
Hattendo when sliced into four
When unwrapped, looks like a typical monay/buns we bought from neighborhood panaderya. But mind you this one is baked in JAPAN!

At first, What I have in mind is that Hattendo buns were like mochi but in a bun :) The difference nga lang is that it's in a bun and the filling not ice cream, but still with "cream" so they might be related that's why it still good tasting

Buns were a bit airy and soft if you'll try to flatten it, the buns were kinda thin, the filling is a bit too much, that the buns were kinda kulang na :P Like!!! Hindi bitin sa filling!!!

My Personal Favorite Flavor?
Custard (^.^,)

Hattendo Filling


Upon purchased you will notice 3 sets of dates

1) The Best Consume Before Date
In this format: mm/dd/yyyy by 2:00pm
To ensure the BEST quality of #Hattendolicious buns, 
Please consume by 2:00pm the day after purchasing our products. 

Once thawed, please do not refreeze the buns, just keep refrigerated and serve chilled. 

2) The Production Date 
The production date is the manufacturing date. 

Trivia: Hattendo factory produces 40,000 cream buns daily to cater to 16 stores in Japan alone. 

There are 3 stores in Korea. And 2 stores in the Philippines

3) The Expiry Date
The expiry date refers to the frozen state of the bun. 
As long as the cream buns are kept frozen, the expiry date remains to be true.
 Again, once thawed, we put the consume before date for your reference. 

Here's a Special Treat #Hattendo Lovers
P100.00 ONLY or P95/pc for a box of 6's 

Hattendo Philippines
Kiosk: SM Mall of Asia | SM MegaMall Mega Fashion Hall
Weekends: Power Plant Mall