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Newest and Tastiest District in Town: Meat District

Meat District was born out of the passion for premium high-quality gourmet meat we all crave. Our products are distinctively tasty as they are made in controlled batches with fresh ingredients and spices, without artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders to ensure maximum flavor.
We take prid…

How to De-Stress Kids at School? #AminoFresC

Dear Parents, did you know that di lang tayo ang naii-stress? Even our precious little one's experience it too. Lalo na at school. We all are pretty aware na ang school is wonderful place for new learnings and happenings in our child. But this can also give stress to them like sa mga kids ko na…

Regenerate with REGENESIS

Aesthetic clinics are growing in the country. Each clinic has its own personality, with different approaches to beauty. But it is important to look for a clinic that utilizes methods that value a person’s inherent beauty and provides services suitable to one’s needs.
Consider this… Ageing spares no…

#DMPineappleaDay to lessen The Danger of Sick Days

The Dangers of Sick Days

Whenever my kids are feeling low, Hindi ako sanay... at the corner of my mind I know something's wrong. And when I hear them sneeze, binibilang ko talaga kung ilan  :P Because I know it's either the normal sneezing or it's a sign that their body is under attack.…

Casting The Fraudsters for "PLASTIC" The Movie

Months ago I saw the movie trailer of "Plastic" before watching the Minions movie and my eyes were open wide and jaws drop sabay tingin kay hubby saying " Panoodin natin yannnn!!! 
I'm so excited and can't wait to watch this... For now here's …

Buns and Cream Together, Made Even Better #HATTENDOlicious

Give in to Hattendo's light and delicate taste of creamy goodness  That oh so soft and fluffy, melts in your mouth goodie- it's definitely #HATTENDOLICIOUS!
Box of 6s Wrapped Individually
When unwrapped, looks like a typical monay/buns we bought from neighborhood panaderya. But mind you …