Friday, December 05, 2014

BDJBOX November2014 Unboxing + 7Day Challenge

now for part 2
the mini unboxing :P

Total Moisture Facial Cream Samples

 Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Free Make-Upper / Brow Consultation Coupon


They're Real! Family

They're Real! Push-Up Liner

They'r Real! Remover

They're Real! Push-Up Liner

They're Real! Beyond Mascara

Posie Balm

Total Moisture Facial Cream

Big And Easy BB Cream

Lolli Tint


Mini Benefit Family

DAY 1:
my mumu face :P ay "before" pic pala

with Total Moisture Facial Cream

This is Soooo far my Favorite Benefit item! 
except for the majorette, benetint, it's potent,the porefessional balm, and.. 
okey okey one of my favorites :P

cream to powder finish ang effect :)

with Big and Easy Cream to Powder Finish BB Cream

oh huh! :D

with LolliTint
makulay ang buhay :)

with They're Real! Push-Up Liner 
Oh Huh! ako ulit yan :P 
ayos ba?di nyo lang alam, super excited ako to try this :D
feeling ko nga di gumana eh :P
nagawa ko naman atlast :D

my real lashes :) 
with They're Real! Mascara

with LolliTint on my cheeks :P

feel na feel :P

ako na #GGSS :P

okey! compare nga

infairnez... ________
^fill in the blank^

with Total Moisture Facial Cream


with Big and Easy BB Cream and Lollitint on cheeks :D

with Big and Easy BB Cream and They're Real Mascara

with Total Moisture Facial Cream, Big&Easy BB Cream and Lollitint

at an event with Ms. Tonette on make benefit makeup look
with They're Real Mascara, Push-Up-Liner and Big&Easy BB Cream

with Big and Easy BB Cream and They're Real Mascara

That's my BDJ-November-Sweet-Shoppe-Box-7Day-Challenge
and my favorite item from this box is They're Real Mascara
gives justice to my lashes :D 
not like any other mascara's I've tried so far ito ang the best for me!

Get your monthly dose of Beauty Box of Surprise from BDJBOX for P580/month

I'm a BDJBOX Subscriber since May2014 :)
SPONSORED by my HUBBY (^.^,) hahahaha

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  1. ang daming laman ng BDJ box sis... and maka mumu face ka naman sis di naman kaya :O hehehe kaw talaga :) What I love about most is the free samples ;) the best things in life are free ika nga haha


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