Friday, August 21, 2015

KICKASS Sports and Fitness Expo
Kickass Discovering New Approaches to Fitness

It wasn’t too long ago when Kickass founder Ruby Gan came home inspired from an international marathon. Unlike in the Philippines, such marathons go hand-in-hand with expos featuring a vast array of sporting goods—from apparel, to athletic shoes to hydration options. These events provide a one-stop shop for everything sports and fitness.

With the intention of bringing the same holistic experience from one particular expo, Ruby got in touch with likeminded Quennie Gavan of to broach her idea. A partnership was soon created, with the two combining their wits to design an expo that is unique and suited to the local community. Beyond offering a well-curated mix of products, Ruby and Quennie will be bringing in the pros to share their knowledge, skills and passion through classes, trials and challenges—and for free!

Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo

When it came to the venue, Ruby had the idea to introduce the already vibrant sporting community in Makati and BGC to the south. An undertapped locale, Alabang has wide, tree-lined and not-too-busy roads that are ideal for the activities in the works. At the heart of this suburban complex is Commercenter, the go-to hub for families and communities in the south as well as Ruby’s chosen home 

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