Saturday, May 02, 2015

LPUCI's Five Pillars to Develop Future Internationally-Proficient Chefs
Today's food and hospitality industry has never been tougher. Aside from bachelor degree holders, culinary diploma holders are increasingly growing as the numbers of culinary schools are multiplying not only locally but internationally. Having a degree alone is not enough to compete with the increasing competitors, and most companies today are becoming more meticulous in hiring kitchen extraordinaire. Lyceum of the Philippines Culinary Institute (LPUCI) has been aware of this reality and as one of the leading culinary schools in the country, they are determined to develop internationally-competent chefs through their five pillars.

With LPUCI's five pillars, hospitality and culinary degree holders do not only get to land a job. They are also being developed to rise up a career ladder from chef to head chef.

LPUCI's Curriculum are constantly updated and innovated to match the industry's calling. The institute aims not to equip students with knowledge alone, but the skills and mastery of specialized fields needed by the industry.

LPUCI's Ingredients are varied, top-of-the-line and of topmost quality. A chef's supremacy is through their palates. Students of LPUCI are prepared and accustomed to use and be exposed to excellent ingredients which allows them to enjoy and master each taste and texture of each food up to the minute details.

LPUCI's Chef Instructors belong to a pool of distinguished and highly experienced culinary masters from highly-regarded restaurants, hotels and bakeshops. The instructors primary objective is to impart the knowledge, skills, techniques and ethics of working in one of the most sought-after kitchens of the country.

LPUCI's Management, from its directors to its staff are all food-savvy and passionate about the world of culinary arts. The same attitude is what the institute shares to its students, to make food not only a career, but a lifestyle just like the members of the managements who themselves are practitioners and food-related business owners.

LPUCI's Facilities include state-of-the-art equipment which are used in top kitchens in the world. The students are able to hone their skills as they master the use of modern facilities. The mere knowledge and familiarization already provide the students with confidence and boost their self-esteem to compete in the international scene.   

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Visit their office and campus at Victoria corner Muralla Streets, Intramuros, Manila. 
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