• FoodTrip: Healthy Day Cafe and Restaurant

    Healthy Day Cafe and Restaurant with a Nail Spa on the side 
    is owned by a Doctor Couple

    I asked the lady owner "What's your specialty Dra?" implying about her medical practice and she answered me back with "Internal Medicine"  I also checked her jacket and its says so too :) 

    Enough with checking her out :P I Just want to know what's the "connect" for them having a business like this? I already met people with this same kind (sort-of) business and they're nutritionist or dieticians. Kaya I assume ganun sin sila . But I was wrong. Internal Medicine pala hihi. Pero relate-much pa din kasi Healthy food is good for the internal organs, right? :P

    QC Banawe Area. (1 branch only)
    739 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon City

    Medyo malayo from Manila :(

    Cutesy tables that look like a giant serving of coffee latte. Totally adorbs! Set-up Ideal for couples or friends they also have another section for diners in group or family size.


    Friendly and very accommodating staff.

    All smiles, nakaka-good vibes and very attentive sa mga questions and requests namin.


    Healthy dishes that tastes super good! 

    Healthy eating but not in a parusa kind of way. kasi maeenjoy mo lahat ng sine-serve nila. PROMISE!


    Caramel NuttyChilla

    Ice blend coffee with a hint of sweet caramel and nutty flavor in it.  

    Topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup

    Oatmeal MochaChilla

    Ice blend coffee with super fine oatmeal grains. A refreshing and new way for oatmeal intake. Topped with whipped cream chocolate syrup and rolled oats.

    Lemon Matcha Tea

    Honestly I don't like the aroma but after my first sip I couldn't stop sippin for more :) Perfect Combination it is! (Dark Green in Color)

    Stress Buster 
    Healthy Juice with Carrot, Celery, Pineapple and Orange. with this combination in your beverages mawawala talaga ang stress mo because it tastes delicious and  comforting. 
    (Orange in Color)

    Go! Go! Juice
    In Spinach, Orange and Pineapple made to enhance appetite.

    A good tasting juice and refreshing too. (Green in Color)

    Berry Light 
    Froothies = fruity smoothies :P strawberries and blueberries  mixed with non-fat yogurt.


    Kani Roll 
    Best Kani I've ever tasted. 

    Healthy Day Salad
    Fresh Lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, croutons in balsamic vinaigrette and tartar sauce. Serving good for 2. I enjoyed munching this.  :P



    Chicken Salpicao with Garlic Brown Rice
    A flavorful set! tender chicken strips sauteed in garlic and olive oil with bell peppers with garlic brown rice.

    Chicken Roulade with Wild Mushroom Risotto
    Cordon bleu like chicken topping in sticky flavorful rice. 
    (porridge consistency) marinated with red wine reduction.

    Dill Crusted Salmon with Carrot Potato Mash 
    My Healthy Day Favorite!
    I love this meal down to very last bits. Salmon almost cakey but still has moisture in it. I like it actually because di sya kagaya ng mga usual salmon I had. yung fishy-lansa na di ko ma-take kaya I'm not a salmon fan talaga pero this one I LOVE IT! so bagay with (if I remember it right) the dill-honey-mustard sauce  the Potato and carrot mash too, so thick and mind you it's made from scratch! not instant ah! :P

    Filet Mignon


    Oatmeal and Oreo Crusted Mango Cheesecake Souffle 
    super light dessert. 
    I like my desserts sweet, but this one isn't. Maybe it's ideally made for diet conscious ones. But the cheesecake base is more like a pudding.  Not sweet but refreshing taste because of the cucumber strands in it.

    Oatmeal Crusted Strawberry Cheesecake
    Sweet strawberries won my heart. 
    Noticed that the cheesecake base is bluish-violet why??? 
    It has blueberries in it pala and I love it. A must try!!! Even the crust I enjoyed digging in! 

    To wrap it up I'm giving it a 4.5 rating overall (^.^,)

    It could have been 5 if only may branch sila sa manila :(

    Please visit Healthy Day Soon! 

    Promise you can eat,  eat and eat to your hearts content without feeling super guilty about your diet. 

    How do you like this post? Okay ba?  (^.^,)
    Follow me and my lil adventures as I make my dreams come true.
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