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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Work Hard, Party Harder! Clubbin' At Its Best!

  • Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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You know what they say... Work hard, But party harder!!!
But please don't settle for anything less.
Where are we?
Hint #1
Hint #2
Cozy Isn't It?
Promise! You'll love it here!
BUT I'm not lounging...
Because we're here to...

Located at #62 Timog Avenue 
Open 9:00pm -7:00am


1st Level Main Area
Cocktail Tables and The Dance Floor
Amazing bright striking lights that's also dancing to that heart-popping beats!
2nd Level | Vip Area
A more relaxed vibe here at the Vip Area.

Glass Walls at the Vip Area
I'm not into dancing, Really! Because I might give other people a discomforting view :P I just enjoyed listening to the every beat. And they were all great! I can feel my heart pumping and dancing  the rhythm the on whatever track is playing :P 

^Party People^
 with Ashley Rivera

Here's some of my video clips inside 88 SUPERCLUB


T'was Super Duper Fun!!!
With amazing beats pounding, and super bass mode sound system and spectacular lights...
You can dance your heart out and party at 88 SuperClub!

88 SuperClub

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