Monday, January 05, 2015

Starting the year right with Good Food from The GoodBox Ph
Happy Three-Kings!!!
Yes! the festive vibe is about to end and sooner or later Zap-back to Reality mode na ang lahat.
Let this be my Holiday Season-Ender :P gumaganun

This is my first 2015 blog post and I want it to be something NEW, Right and Healthy!

I'm not into slimming diet actually I want to gain :P naninipisan kasi ako sa braso ko and di pa naman ako gurangabells or majondabells pero I feel that I'm aching, aging faster than usual.anjan yung naging sensitive na si tummy, madalas na ako magkasakit, sumakit ang kung anik anik na parts of my body.

Lucky to attend an event for sports and nutrition talk with Ms.Fia Batua, cause I really, really want to get it right na this time because my son is getting bigger and bigger each year and paiyakan na sya bawasan ng rice I want my family to eat healthy na soon and hello were not getting any younger na din and feel na feel na ng katawan ko ang pagbabago :P during that event I learned a lot specially about the eggs! it should be 2-3times a week lang pala not everyday eh favorite pa naman ng son ko un :( and yung mga serving sizes ay kaloka been doing it so wrong pala :) 
kaya eto na nga, starting the year right with good good, just good stuff from The GoodBox Ph

What is The GoodBox Ph?
TheGoodBox delivers healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals made from naturally-grown and fed produce.
We deliver 5 meals a day, 5 days a week, to your home or place of work.
Delivery Schedules
AM delivery: 6am-10am (Mondays – Fridays) PM delivery: 5pm-9pm (Sundays – Thursdays)
Know more about:

Last night around 11pm, I received my 1800kcal The GoodBox Ph Package 

as of writing this, I'm munching on my TheGoodBoxPh breakfast and I loved it!!! :)

*will update my TheGoodBoxPh experience as the day progress (^.^,)

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  1. Hahahaha pareho tayo sis Aci wala sa bokabularyo ko ang diet gusto ko din mag gain ng weight hehehe... I love how you write on your blog so quirky so YOU :D anik anik haha

  2. Ayan na gusto mo na talaga maging super fit. Stay healthy sis :D


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