• CB Christmas Party Venue - Asgard Suite, Victoria Court

    Certified Bloggers Christmas Party Venue:  Asgard Suite, Victoria Court Malate
    So Bongga not to share :) 
    see their party rooms here: http://www.lifeofaci.com/2014/12/parties-beyond-ordinary-only-at.html
    for now Asgard Suite muna, 

    Asgard Suite is a 2 level Suite.

    1st level:
    Parking Space and...
    mala- art gallery ng stuff ng mga Asgard... shala! 

    wag nyo titigan yung date ko, mainitin ulo nyan :P

    What I love about Asgard Suite is you can really feel the themed vibe
    ang angas ng dating...
    keri mag costume party para feel na feel dabah?

    lakas maka VIP
    the long table? you can avail one it you like just ask for it sa kanilang friendly staff
     or better na wala na lang para dance the night away ang peg or videoke party!
    we had that table upstairs :D to give space sa pa-games.

    Rest Room #1
    Asgard Suite has 2 comfort rooms, 1 on each floor

    party mode on!

    this door is sooooo facinating...
    now you see me...

    now you almost dont
    revolving door taray!


    Rest Room #2

    The Asgard Bed Room

    ang mahiwagang  Mj├Âlnir ni papa Thor
    I think whoever gets to lift this off will get a free 1 night stay at this Bonggacious Suite? #justkidding

    who's up for a videoke party?
    wide selections of songs from old ones to latest, anyone can relate lol.
    and may score sya after #pataasan na?

    Book now and experience a Party Beyond Ordinary at Victoria Court

    For inquiries and reservations, 0917-9810084
    Follow @victoriacourtvc on Twitter and Instagram 
    Facebook Page: facebook.com/VictoriaCourtPH 


    1. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this venue! I feel awful that is has taken me this long to write about our corporate events here, but better late than never I hope.

    2. Ayun, buti nakita ko separate post about this. Alam mo na plan plan ng 30th. hihih

    3. Oo tama ka pwedeng pwede magheld ng costume party dyan ang ganda ng place!!! Kahit saang sulok mo tignan lahat naka tema at walang naiiwang plain corner :D I looooove the bed!!! Not your ordinary bed... bilog ba naman :D