• Have Yourselves A #MerrySMChristmas

    Merry Christmas!!! 
    Opps it's only November 25th pa lang pala :P
    but still... a month from now PASKO NA!!!! yiheeee!

    but a short story first...

    Since my Pappi (father) went on his journey to our creator 2  years ago, we stopped putting Christmas Decor at home. If you lost someone (someone really close to you for example) it's truly taking a part of your heart and minsan you can go back to what it was like before. Even Birthdays are not celebrated the bongacious way. We go to Church Thank God for another year of existence, Repent and ask for forgiveness, pray for guidance, good Health and blessings. and then we eat-out and that's it, our Idea of celebrating Birthdays and any other Occasions.

    But for a Mom like me with 3 kids aged 7 and below, I also want them to experience the Christmas Vibe.
    Christmas Icons like Santa Claus, The Ginger Bread House, Tin Soldier etc, etc.
    I'm already 28 but still feeling giddy-yee-up-up about Christmas and I'm feeling that vibe whenever I'm at SM SuperMalls and that's where the MerrySMChristmas takes place

    What is #MerrySMChristmas for me ba?

    First is the SUPERB Christmas Decorations

    For the hanging decor is so elegant and breath taking... my son wonder pa nga if gaano sya kabigat and what if mahulog :P The Hanging Ginormous Christmas Balls is SUPER awesome!!!

    SM MegaMall

    super love it :)
    kinikilig ako promise hahahaha

    SM Mall Of Asia
    Larger than Life Tin Soldier

    and the Tin Soldier comes to Life!
    pasaway kasi si Ricci :P 
    bawal nga eh kaso gusto nya talaga mag pa picture sa spot na yan hehehe

    This is one of the SM Mall of Asia Highlights I love!
    (announcement on big screen)

    Matryoshka Dolls

    I think we're too early and wala pa si SANTA :P

    so si daddy muna for now :P
    and that is The Ginger Bread House
    lovin' every detail of it!
    Ricci thought it's edible, but this is made of wood ah :P

    but wait there's more


    The Ginormous Christmas Ball and The Christmas Tree na super Ganda!!!

    My Kids (^.^,)
    Chloe, Ricci and Charles

    I remember the movie" Honey I shrunk the Kids"  sa Christmas Display na ito

    ganyan talaga smile ni kuya :P
    yung mga girls ko nakailang change poses na pero si kuya waley :P

    SM SuperMalls never fails to amaze me on their decors 
    lalo na this Christmas Season.

    Shopping Galore

    Their wide selections of almost everything in the SM Department Stores and Boutiques makes it easier for us to look for gifts to be given sa aming mga loved ones. ( I won't post na our Shopping chenez ah :P
    and SM is just keeping their word at the Jingle "SM we got it all for you!" everything is REALLY there. and keri in all types of budget. 

    like, gift ideas for monito-monita ni hubby (sa office) worth P50/week tuma-tumbling lang sya sa SM Aura he bought a face towel set in a gift box for 49.75 :P I'm eyeing din for the colored coffee cups and saucer set at 349.75 pag balik ko after payday will complete my shopping list na!

    That's why we are so feeling the #MerrySMChristmas vibe already

    But how did the #MerrySMChristmas start ba?
    watch it here

    “How #MerrySMChristmas Begins” 
    featuring Cheska and Kendra Kramer

    And speaking of Christmas vibe,
    Christmas Spirit is also about sharing and being a blessing to others.

    SM Christmas Bears of Joy

    SM CARES Bears of Joy Booth in SM MegaMall

    For just P200, you will get (2) teddy bears
    One for you to keep (or donate na lang din :) )
    and the other one you can donate and will benefit children from various orphanage.
    what an awesome way to share right? 

    This Giant Box will serve as a Drop Box of your Bear Donation

    Let's all be a blessing to others and bring smiles to those kids will we?

    #SMBearsOfJoy #MerrySMChristmas

    Get Connected:

    SM SuperMalls Website: http://www.smsupermalls.com/
    SM SuperMalls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/smsupermalls

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    1. Itatanong ko din sana kung edible yung ginger bread house... LOL. isip bata pala. Must visit pala. for a cause pala ito.

      1. Yup! love the idea na buy2 take1home and donate1 to SM Bears of Joy.

    2. Ang gaganda backdrop at mga props <3 double purpose: una for entertainment sa mga bata at picture taking na rin pangalawa for a cause pa :) ang lalaki life-size :D matangkad pa sa inyo :O

    3. I am so sorry for your father's loss sis Aci, oo tama ganon nga ang tradition pag may namatay na family member... kami din kasi namatayan ng grandmother sa father's side... year 2009 pa saktong december 25 pa binawian ng buhay ang lola ko kaya pagkatapos non inalis namin agad mga Christmas decorations sa bahay namin till new year malungkot :(
      Ang gaganda naman ng mga life sized decorations ng SM pati na rin yung pakulo nilang sm christmas bears for joy... in just 200 may stuff toy ka na may dinonate ka pa ;) Good job for SM for making children in all sorts of lifestyle happy

    4. you should create a real ginger bread house! :) and share with us :)

      1. pwede bang (sugar cookie) bread house na lang? di ko feel lasa ng ginger bread eh hehehe

    5. I am so sorry about your loss. BTW, my daughter also also calls her dad "Pappy"


    6. I agree that SM have a bonggang Christmas decors every year no?! It was so cool and it really makes you feel that Christmas is just around the corner. =)

    7. Wow SM really goes all out every holiday season with their decors, promos, and activities :D

    8. I love SM! Effort talaga sila sa pag decor lalo pag Christmas! Btw, sorry about your loss. :(

    9. Also had a #merrysmchristmas at SM Fairview!

    10. I want to make ginger bread house, parang bata lang but I was shocked with the price, libo pala.

    11. The mall decors are oh so nice! :) It makes the shoppers really fell the spirit of Christmas when inside. :)

    12. The Christmas Tree at SM Aura looks very beautiful :)

    13. Going to the malls this holiday season is a nice "pasyal" activity because of the visual feast. A decade ago, limited lang ang malls na magaganda ang decors. :) - edel

    14. I agree, SM stores have one of the best Christmas decors in town, so Christmassy! It's also a great shopping haven as you'll find all the things you need in one shop. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

    15. Agree. Christmas is really for the kids. Now that I'm a mum, christmas is so much more exciting and fun.

    16. Gustong-gusto ko yung giant Christmas balls ng SM!


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