• Habitat Online Champion

    As an Online Champion let me share to you how we can help build homes 
    for families affected by the typhoon Yolanda.
    Join the Race  to 200k and be a Habitat Online Champion

    Why Raise to 200k?
    Because P200,000 is the total cost of a housing unit.

    If only more supporters can be a Habitat Online Champions devote effort and people help in every way they can, Imagine how many houses could that be :) but still everyone can do their share to help.

    Be a Donor and donate, help habitat change lives.

    Be a Volunteer, contribute your hours and energy, a workout for a cause maybe :D sign up for it here

    Be a Habitat Online Champion too and start your page here to raise funds and awareness 

    please support our Habitat Online Champion Page titled Care to Share with Aci 

    Habitat For Humanity


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