Monday, November 24, 2014

BDJBOX x REVLON Beauty Soiree #HolidayPolish
I'm super-ka-duper excited for this event!
told yah I love nail arts!
(yun lang they don't love me back pa :P but Im sure I'll get there hahahaha )

Yesterday at Serenitea BTTC
Kami na ang super aga :P #excited

p.s lipstick ang pampa-kalma ni chloe :P

Serenitea  at BTTC 
 ganda ng wall noh? and nung place nakaka relax

BDJ Planner and BDJBOX Elite up for grabs on a Special Price!

Snacks from Serenitea (^.^,)

with Ms. Ninna Dujungco #soPretty #inggitmuch

Basic Nail Care

How to Make a Christmas Tree Nail Art

and the nail art party begins....

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, Shiny Matte and Other Polishes, 
Nail Polish remover and Nail Art Tools

all about the bass, 
ay base coat pala :P
sensya na girls if walang step by step pics ang lola nyo ah :)
baka kasi mag smudge may contest later for best Holiday Polish Nail Art :P

meet Tasha :D

and the rest of the gang :)
why the giggles?
read on...

kung may Free Hand na nail art chenez.... Si Tasha Nail Art na HANDS FREE!!!
kaw na teh!!! kaliwat kanan ang nail artist nya TARAY!!!! :P
 hahahhaha (^.^,)

with Lourdes, Justin and the girl na ang tyaga to do her right hand #dedication :)
ang saya ng table namin because of Justin!
(sana tama ung name dabah? basta si ateh na naka red with side pony flower ang di maka spot dokleng)
ay may kunting lungkot mala MMK din on the side :D but 90% happy pa din

OK! serious Mode :P

The Lady standing is I think the one to judge the Best Holiday Polish Nail Art.
She is from Revlon Philippines :D
yun lang I'm not so good in remembering names :(
she's looking around and checking our nail arts and take pictures, pag anjan na sya I kept my hand under the table hahaha shy aketch.

My REVLON Loot!!!

ipopost ko pa ba ung nail art ko kung ganito ang nail art ng katabi kong si "K"

post ko pa ba yung sakin???

eh baket blog ko toh lol

made them all (^.^,)
white christmas tree
raindeer na mukhang tarsier :P
snowflake ala popcorn
and snowman

nakalimutan ko ang scarf ni snowman :P
and hat :P (di na kinaya ng powers ko)

done :P

Ms. Ninna & Me :)
thanks tasha for this (",)

Hope you gals enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed being there :)

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  1. Wow! Special appearance sa blog post mo Ms. Aci. Hehe sobrang saya ko nman sa pic.=) Sobrang saya ng holiday polish event, plus I got the chance to meet you and the other bdj bellas at the event kaya sobrang sulit and fun. =)


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