• PLDT Telpad Movie Night ( The Maze Runner )

    Lucky to win 2 tix of The Maze Runner from PLDT Telpad Movie Night via instagram/twitter contest
    upon registration a pldt personnel  ask if  I was a subscriber? and said yes! (didn't know that they sent invites for subscribes din)
    but my name was not on the list because I won via social media postings :D
    I already had a telpad unit at home (white version) and I'm lovin its features.
    2014-09-25 18.12.22
    Introducing the MOST AFFORDABLE PLDT  HOME TELPAD PLAN for P1499.00 at 1.5mbps

    2014-09-25 18.12.31
    Registration area

    2014-09-25 18.23.59 2014-09-25 18.23.52
    claimed tix with food stub too :)

    2014-09-25 18.40.29
    together with my movie date @ctrl_alt_osc

    2014-09-25 18.51.38
    waiting for the mini program to start ( Introduction of the most affordable Telpad Unit from Pldt)

    and it pays to listen :)
    and I took home these prizes! :D

    2014-09-25 19.43.55
    SD Card -Prize from Social Media Posting #telpadmovienight
    Philips Earphones - from Pldt Telpad Q & A.
    The question goes a little something like this..
    How much does a Telpad Unit upgrade cost from plans starting 990?
    Answer is P509.
    The movie is heart stopping! but it caused me palpitations lol :D
    and a new found crush Minho :)
    and to end this post,
    le'me take a selfie :)
    2014-09-25 18.16.47
    Thanks PLDT for the TELPAD MOVIE NIGHT hoping to be invited again :D


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