Monday, October 20, 2014

Coca-Cola Inspired Nail Art
I saw this  at Rustan's Beauty Source post on instagram
That's so catchy!!!
I said to myself will do it one of this days...
But must admit I cant' hold it in and I tried doing it on my nails that same day,  hours before bed time :D
In short di ako nakatulog hanggat di ko sya nagagawa :D
Tutorial instruction from Rustan's Beauty Source
Classics never go out of style. Here's a fun nail art design called Frizzy French Tip featuring OPI 

Coca Cola Collection:
1. After your base coat, apply Coca-Cola Red and wait for it to dry.
2014-09-18 20.26.42
Prepare your nails :)
2014-09-18 20.27.40
You know the drill! base coat first.
2014-09-18 20.30.21-2
Red -Roaring Red from Colour Trends
2014-09-18 20.30.48
Silver- Revlon Shiny Matte
2. Dip a bobby pin or sewing pin in "My Signature is DC" polish and form large dots following the tips of the nails.

2014-09-18 20.33.29
Dotting Tool and Plastic sheet for your nail polish droplets :)
3. Add more dots floating away from the tip for an instant carbonation look.
2014-09-18 20.37.17
Seal it with Clear Top Coat
2014-09-18 20.46.03
Charan!!! :) not as perfect as ChalkBoardNails but #loveyourown right? :D

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  1. thank you so much sa pagpost ng nail art tutorial coca cola inspired na to :) medyo mahirap gawin nga lang :O


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