• Big Variety Box of PizzaHut

    I love pizza, super!!! We dine at PizzaHut  almost every other week specially every after pay-day :D
    Remember the Super Panalo P99 meals noon? Yun ang lagi kong order hahahaha #kuripot
    and now they have a new offer called HUT FEAST! oopps! thats another topic :D
    now back to the BIG VARIETY BOX
    *photo from PizzaHut.com.ph
    *Photo from PizzaHut.com.ph
    been craving for this variety box for weeks, I wonder if it'll be sulit.
    Big Variety Box comes in 2 sets
    Box 1 cost 549.00 and Box 2 for 699.00
    Box 1 includes the following:
    1 Regular Pan Pizza
    choices available :
    Veggie Lover Supreme
    Bacon Supreme
    Hawaiian Supreme
    Bacon Cheeseburger
    Cheese Lover Pizza
    6pc Wing Street
    Breaded or Unbreaded your choice :)
    Flavors to choose from:
    Honey BBQ
    Garlic Pamersan
    Spicy Asian
    Mild Buffalo
    Medium Buffalo
    Burnin Hot Buffalo
    Mayo Mustard Dip
    Zesty Garlic Dip
    2 Pasta 
    can be same or combination
    Spaghetti Carbonara
    Spagehetti Bolognese
    1 loaf of Garlic Bread
    and we ordered online thru pizzahut.com.ph
    2014-09-17 20.33.14
    2014-09-17 20.33.27
    2014-09-17 20.33.47
    Value for Money: 5/5 I think it's sulit naman :)
    Appearance: 3/5 mas maganda sa promotional pictures :D
    Service: Delivery 3/5 malapit lang ang pizzahut branch na nagcater sa order ko pero na-late pa din sila dahil traffic daw#LOL (12minutes late on top of the 30minutes delivery time) knowing ilang thumbling lang sya from or place :D
    Garlic Bread (49.00)
    matigas and super toasted :(
    di sila consistent in serving this bread eh. some branch served it soft and fluffy warm and buttery.
    some  served it hard as dos por dos :D some served it in 6's slice (full loaf) some served it 4 slice lang and puro kanto/ dulo pa :(
    pero masarap sya pag ung soft and freshly done ang makukuha mo :)
    Spaghetti Carbonara (99.00)
    Freshly Done or Reheated thru Pan 5/5
    Baked 1/5
    my rating depends on how the carbonara is prepared
    if niluto thru pan ay bongga masarap yan kahit reheat lang
    pero if reheated thru Oven or Baked?  ay wag na!  :(
    kasi nawawala ung moisture ng pasta, nasusunog pa yung strands as in tutong :(
    (see my pictures again and you'll see some burned parts :P )
    kaya sana kung irereheat ni PizzaHut is via Pan na lang, ung tipong ilalagay sa kawali at iinitin :D
    Spaghetti Bolognese (149.00)
    this pasta is tasty!!! but i like cabona more :D
    Wing Street in Spicy Asian plus Mayo Mustard Dip (149.00)
    my first time to try this. and i like it :)
    Regular Supreme Pan
    masarap if served fresh and hot :)
    that's it...
    nagutom ba kayo?
    ORDER NA !!!


    1. i had bad experience in Pizza Hut Bistro in SM North :( nakakadala kasi 1. ang tagal ng serving time 2. the garlic bread maliit at matigas at 3. the salad - disappointing :(

      1. ako naman sa Moa branch nila ako badtrip :( not just once but thrice hahahah.
        and ung garlic bread talaga nila di consistent :P meron branch na masarap merong branch na dos por dos ang peg.