• BeneNails Benifit Cosmetics Inspired Nail Art

    2014-09-27 11.17.36
    yah all know the drill...
    base coat.
    2014-09-27 11.20.59
    White for the StayFlawless Cap
    Silver for the FakeUp Case
    2014-09-27 11.22.22
    Pink for the Benefit Cosmetics Logo
    2014-09-27 11.24.42
    dotty dots dots dots :D
    2014-09-27 11.31.21
    fast forward :P
    2014-09-27 11.33.46
    a bit messy sorry :/
    2014-09-27 11.46.15
    plus the majorette blush. again sorry for the mess!
    I'm just too excited to share this :)
    2014-09-27 12.08.38
    another nail art :)
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