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Monday, October 20, 2014

711 's Busog Meal

  • Monday, October 20, 2014
  • by
Bought this yesterday at 711 for my son's baon. (dahil tanghali na ako nagising :D )
711 Busog Meal Century Tuna Superbods
Tuna Omelette for P29.00
budget meal in a box
2014-10-07 11.03.10
look at the pics!
so inviting for the kuripot mom in me :D
and now the actual product...
I prepared my self for this *hahahhha
2014-10-07 11.03.15
and the excitement goes down to the floor :D
I was like "What the efffff?"
My husband said: what do you expect? and extravagant meal for 29.00?
I said: Yah! hahahaha but seriously sana medyo may bakasnamankahitkontinung pictures sa box cover nila
mas ok-ok pa ang *bentelog (si-log meals that are priced for 20.00++)
a bit disappointing pero keribells lang
a good meal comes with a good price too I know, but this??? false advertisement
sabagay good luck if may bibili pa kung yung picture ng actual product ang nilagay nila sa box :D
Price: 5/5 -afford
Value for Money: 3/5 -pwede na
Appearance: 1/5 -mageexplain pa ba?
Taste: 2.5/5 -pwede na sa gutom... sa sobrang gutom :D
will I but this again? DEPENDE if WALA NANG CHOICE hahahaha

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  1. hahahaha! natry ko din yung Sisig niyan.. dahil sa No choice lng din. lolz

  2. gusto ko tuloy itry, nakaka-intriga. Pero super mura niya talaga..siguro sa mga kapos sa budget

  3. ganyan nga yung mga Busog meals ng 7 11 sis... yung mga microwaveable food nila hahaha at natry ko na din yung sisig nila halos wala ng lasa hahaha pantawid lang talaga ng gutom mga yan... actually hanggang lalamunan ko lang yan sis ang konti ng kanin hahahah cute lang yung box


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